DUSHANBE, October 25, Asia-Plus -- Tajik State Air Company TajikAir intends to drum up foreign investments to construct a new international air terminal in Dushanbe, the TajikAir first deputy director general, Firouz Hamroyev, told journalists in Dushanbe on October 25.  

According to him, the company specialists have worked out the investment project, and the estimated budget for constructing the international air terminal in Dushanbe is US$40 million.  

Hamroyev noted that at present the Dushanbe airport’s capacity is 250 passengers per hour.  “The new air terminal will enable the Dushanbe airport to serve 500-700 passengers per hour,” the TajikAir official said.  

“We are currently conducting negotiations with investors on the construction of the new international air terminal, but a progress of these negotiations cannot yet be called positive,” said Hamroyev, “It is a long process and the construction will probably begin in a couple of years.”

The national air carrier official noted that over the first nine months of this year, they have spent 1.4665 million somonis to make major repairs to the Dushanbe airport’s facilities.