DUSHANBE, November 14, Asia-Plus - Compared to last year a number of holders of credit cards in Tajikistan has increased 3.8 times, according to the National bank of Tajikistan (NBT).   

A source at Tajik central bank said that 11,769 holders of credit cards have been reported in the country as of October 1, which is 7,300 holders more than last year.  The source links this to increase in trust of the population in the country’s banking system.  “Banks, for their part, try to meet international banking standards,” the source said.   

“The population is gradually realizing that this electronic purse reduces the risk of loss and facilitates making cash withdrawals in any corner of the world,” the source said, adding that credit cards also allow people to depost cash or cheques , transfer money between their bank accounts, pay bills, or purchase goods and services. At present four banks in Tajikistan – AgroInvestBonk, OryonBonk, TajPromBank and TojikSodirotBonk – issue credit cards, according to him.  

According to Eskhata Bank, they also plan to have started emission of credit cards by December 31.  In August, this bank got a status of member of international payment system VISA Int and got a license for emission of the VISA credit cards. 

According to the NBT, at present Tajikistan issues credit cards of Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa International, Europаy International, STB CARD, Master CARD and others.