DUSHANBE, November 15, Asia-Plus - Over the past ten months, the external trade turnover of Tajikistan, including electric power and natural gas,  has amounted to US$2.4955, which is 145 percent of the January-October 2005 level or US$720 million more, according to the State Committee for Statistics.  The trade balance was negative and amounted to US$222 million.

The committee said that exports of goods over the same ten-month period have amounted to US$1.1367 billion, which is 55.8 percent or US$407 million more compared to the same period of last year.  Imports of goods to Tajikistan have amounted to US$1.3588 billion, which is 29.9 percent or US$313 million more than in January-October 2005.       

In January-October 2006, Tajikistan’s main export partners were the far abroad countries.  They have accounted for 86.7 percent or US$985.42 million of Tajik exports.  Imports came mainly from the CIS countries, which have accounted for 65.6 percent or US$890.8 million of Tajik imports over the first ten months of this year. 

In January-October 2006, Tajikistan has had trade relations with 85 countries around the world, including 10 CIS countries.  The CIS countries have accounted for 41.8 percent or US$1.0422 billion of Tajikistan’s external trade turnover, and the far abroad countries have accounted for 58.2 percent or US$1.4534 billion.  

Compared to January-October 2005 the trade with CIS countries over the past ten months has increased by 29.3 percent or US$236.1 million and the trade with the far abroad countries has increased by 49.9 percent or US$483.9 million.  

The balance in the trade with the CIS countries was negative and amounted to US$739.4 million, while the balance in the trade with the far abroad countries was positive and amounted to US$517.4 million.