DUSHANBE, November 28, Asia-Plus  - the law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan are capable to maintain public order in case of temporary electrical power blackout in the country, Tohir Normatov, chief of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) staff, said in an interview with Asia-Plus.   

The possible cutoff of electricity supplies will disrupt transport systems and affect thousands of passengers.  68 sets of traffic lights in Dushanbe will go out.  Therefore Tajikistan’s traffic police advice drivers to be more careful and keep to traffic regulations signs in case of the electricity supplies cutoff.  

Habibullo Munavvarov, a spokesman for the Tajik traffic police, told Asia-Plus that these traffic regulations signs will duplicate the traffic lights in case of the power blackout.  “At present 13 traffic-controllers are working in Dushanbe but this number will not be enough in the case of the electricity supplies cutoff,” Munavvarov said.  .