Tajikistan-assembled electric bus and trolleybus have appeared on the streets of Dushanbe.  

The electric bus and the trolleybus have been assembled at the Akia Avesto plant in Dushanbe.

“This electric bus can easily travel up to 200 kilometers on a single charge and the trolleybus is equipped with electricity storage system and the stored power is enough for up to 40 kilometers of autonomous run,” Asror Mirzoyev, the Executive Director of Akia Avesto Automotive Industry Company, told Asia-Plus in an interview. 

“The gradual increase in electricity generation in Tajikistan allows increasing the number of electricity-powered vehicles – electric buses, trolleybuses and electric vehicles – in Tajikistan.  This will reduce the country's dependence on oil-exporting countries,” 

“After testing, the company jointly with other relevant structures will summarize the results of the pilot period and will start assembling a series of electric buses and trolleybuses at the Akia Avesto plant,” Mirzoyev added.

According to him, the Tajikistan-assembled electric bus and trolleybus meet European standards  and are designed in accordance with modern requirements for the convenience of passengers.