, February 1, Asia-Plus - An avalanche killed eight people in Jirgatol district on Tuesday [January 31], according to information from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES).    

The MES source has told Asia-Plus that 38 people were buried under snow as the avalanche occurred in the Village of Tojik Mahalla in Jirgatol District ( Rasht Valley ) yesterday, at 6:00 a.m. , completely destroying seven residential houses. 

Local emergency services yesterday rescued 18 people, and bodies of 12 other people were found by today morning, the source said, noting that eight other people are still under the snow.   "The problem is we don''t know in what condition they are,” the Asia-Plus interlocutor said.   

“At present rescue team of the Rasht emergency management agency is working in the site of the avalanche,” said the MES source, “We have applied to the government asking to provide us helicopter for carrying out search-and-rescue operation.” 

At present, the emergency services are considering the issue of providing assistance to the disaster-affected population in this village in remote mountain area.  The roads leading to the village have been blocked by snow and it hampers relief efforts.