DUSHANBE , May 24, Asia-Plus - Tajik migrant workers staying in the Russian Federation continues finding themselves in irregular situations and being victims of abuse.  

According to information Asia-Plus received by telephone from the “Popular League “Tajiks” International Public Association and the “Tojik Diaspora” Foundation for Supporting Tajik Immigrants, one Tajik labor migrant received serious wounds Tuesday [May 23] as servicemen from Moscow police set dogs on some 200 Tajik labor migrants who gathered on the so-called “market of Tajik migrants” in Moscow.  

The tragedy took place at around noon on the Yaroslavskoy Highway , where the “market” is located.  “Two police cars drove up to the market and servicemen from “OMON” Special Operation and police with dogs got our form the cars,” the source said, noting that police set dogs on dispersing Tajiks.  As a result the dogs bit a 24-year-old two Sulaymon Shamsov (resident of the Panj district in Khatlon), inflicting serous wounds on him.   

The fellow-countrymen took him to the polyclinic of the settlement of Perelovka in the Mytishchinsky district, where he received the first medical aid.  Shamsov could not afford to go in to hospital because a daily staying at the hospital for treating him costs more than 2,000 Russian rubles, according to the source.  

According to Sharipov, the head of the Tajik Diaspora in Moscow , who visited the scene of incident, Tajik labor migrants that were on the market have applied to the “Popular League “Tajiks” asking for legal protection because it cannot be ruled out that police may make pressure on them in near future again.   

“There was a great deal of talks that Russia ’s leadership intends to improve migration legislation for the purpose of legalization of labor migrants.  But actually treatment by Russian police of labor migrants is becoming more and more inhuman and brutal,” Sharipov said.