DUSHANBE , August 4, Asia-Plus - The first convoy with humanitarian aid provided by the Dushanbe mayor’s office and population of the Tajik capital city was sent to the Qumsangir district for the earthquake victims yesterday. 

Shavkat Saidov, a spokesman for the Dushanbe mayor, has told Asia-Plus that the aid included tents, clothes, foods, building materials, and other household kits to assist the victims of the two earthquakes that shook the Qumsangir district Saturday [July 29]. 

Besides, more than 40,000 Somonis have been remitted to the district account, according to Shavkat Saidov.  

The mayoral spokesman ha also noted that that a special commission was set up in Dushanbe for providing assistance to the disaster-affected people in Qumsangir.  “ Dushanbe residents continue remitting funds to banks for the earthquake victims,” Mr. Shavkat Saidov said.

Shavkat Saidov noted that the Dushanbe mayor’s office last year provided assistance in a form of 100 tons of cement to the flood-affected people in Hamadoni (Khatlon) and Panjakent (Sughd).