KHOROG, June 29, Asia-Plus — One person was killed and one another was seriously wounded Thursday as a grenade RGD-5 exploded in a car UAZ-31519 in the Darvoz district, Gorno Badakhshan.

Shodi Sufishoyev, an officer from the GBAO regional police directorate, told Asia-Plus that incident took place yesterday in the area of Puli Kul, near the village of Khostav in Darvoz.

As a result of the grenade explosion, the resident of Vanj’s village of Rokharv Jovid Iskandarov was killed and his fellow-villager Sohibnazar Bandishoyev was seriously wounded and taken to the central district hospital in Darvoz. 

According to Sufishoyev, officer from border unit 27227, Lieutenant-Colonel Khudobakhsh Muborakqadamov, who was in the same car, has been reported missing.  

The GBAO regional police directorate officer added that one sub-machine-gun Kalashnikov and a box containing 1,090 bullets had been found on the scene of incident.  “Besides, another grenade RGD-5 was found in the car under driver’s seat,” Sufishoyev said.  He refrained from giving further details of the incident.    

Criminal proceedings have been instituted and an investigation is under way.