DUSHANBE, November 14, Asia-Plus  -- There has been a powerful explosion outside the building of the Kokhi Vahdat State Complex in the center of Dushanbe near the Avesta Hotel.  One person has been killed by this explosion.   

An explosion occurred in the rear yard of the Kokhi Vahdat State Complex today morning, at around 8:10 a.m., killing one person.  The blast was quite powerful that it blew out the windows of Kokhi Vahdat and nearby buildings.   

            The source at the Ministry of Interior told Asia-Plus that according to the preliminary investigation, unknown person blew up himself.  The source refrained from giving further details. 

            According to another version, the Kokhi Vahdat guard found a package in the rear yard of the complex and it blew up in his hands.  As a result of the blast, the guard was killed.

            According to some source, the power of explosion equaled some 2-3 kilograms of TNT. 

            The Kokhi Vahdat State Complex is usually used for holding various government ceremonial events and international conference.  Today morning, a regional consultative meeting on disaster ris reduction with participation of Central Asian emergency ministers and a number of international organizations was supposed to be held at the complex.