KHUAJND, August 5, 2008, Asia-Plus  -- Residents of a number of disaster-prone areas in the Sughd province will be relocated to safe places, Asia-Plus has learned from Murodjon Poulodov, an official with the Sughd agency for employment, migration and social protection of the population.  

According to him, 11 families from Ghonchi, 13 families from Shahriston, 38 families from Ayni, 15 families from Mastchoh, 12 families from Panjakent, 8 families from Taboshar and 11 families from Isfara are scheduled to have been relocated this year.     

            “These families have lived in the areas suffering from flooding, mudslides and rockfalls,” said Poulodov, “They will be relocated to the areas in the same or other districts.” 

            He added that 102 families in northern Tajikistan were relocated from disaster-prone areas to safe places last year.