KULOB, November 25, 2008, Asia-Plus  -- Nasimjon Qurbonov, resident of the village of Alouddin in Khatlon’s Farkhor district, was arrested on November 24 on suspicion of having killed three and injured five persons, Alfattoh Rozqov, the deputy Khatlon prosecutor in charge of the Kulob region, told Asia-Plus yesterday.  

According to him, Nasimjon Qurbonov stabbed to death his aunt Olambi Ahmadova in the village of Arabo on the night of November 19-20, following quarrel.  He then killed her 13-year niece Olufta Sharipova who lived with her and inflicted stab wounds on their neighbor Zulaikho Mirzoyev and her 9-year-old son.

“Qurbonov also stabbed to death Tohir Qurbonov and wounded his wife and two minor daughters who gathered near Ahmadova’s house to know what happened,” the prosecutor said, noting that Qurbonov confessed to the crime.