KHUJAND, April 22, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Sughd law enforcement authorities have identified the gunman that attacked police officer in Isfara on April 17, the Sughd police directorate chief Rauf Yusupov told reporters in Khujand on April 21.

According to him, they cannot yet disclose his name in the interest of investigation.  He just said that the assailant was resident of the Isfara city and measures to detain him were under way.  

As it had been reported earlier, an unidentified man attacked the officer from Isfara police department, Major Boirjon Yuldoshev, on April 17.

The attack took place in one of central streets of Isfara in the afternoon.  The assailant shot at Captain Yuldoshev from pistol Makarov three times and escaped.  The officer with serious injures from shot wounds is currently in the resuscitation department of the Isfara central hospital.