DUSHANBE, July 2, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Ms. Saodat Kuliyeva, the mother of Khurshed Bobokalonov, who reportedly died in a police car on June 27, intends to lodge an official application to prosecutor-general today, asking to carry out thorough investigation and punish those guilty of her son’s death.

In an interview with Asia-Plus, she said that her son had died of injuries inflicted on him by police officers in the police department of Dushanbe’s Ismoili Somoni district but not “on the way to the police department.”

According to her, there are witnesses who filmed the incident on mobile phones as well as there are those who saw what happened from windows of apartment buildings, near which the incident took place.  “Signs of numerous injuries were on his head and other parts of the body that is evidence that the death of my son was caused by actions of police officers,” Ms. Kuliyeva said.

She added that her son had enjoyed good health and a number of medical examinations made a month before the tragedy indicated that.  “Probably, Khurshed was trying to cross the road in unauthorized place or refused to show policemen the contents of his sports bag but this is not cause for such a brutal beating of a person,” said Khurshed’s mother, “I decided to shoot the works and achieve justice because those guilty should be punished, you know.”  

Khurshed Bobokalonov was the only son and he was married with two minor children.