KULOB. 24 May. Asia-Plus -- Victims from Kulob affected by the disaster on May 7 are now being removed from the emergency camp to places of their future residence. 

Heavy rainfalls which continued during the last week have slowed this process, Kulob Mayor Hamid Abdulloev told the AP.

“This night’s heavy rainfall which was accompanied by hail forced us to remove people from emergency camp to educational institutions and their relatives,” he said.

According to him, starting from today every victim will place tent at the place of their future residence and will help constructors to build their houses and will get salary.

“Nearly 60% of construction sites of 600 future houses in the outskirts of Kulob are now provided with sand, crushed stones, bricks and cement and foundation of many future houses is already laid,” he noted adding that the process of resettlement of disaster affected victims from 636 emergency tents will be completed within the next 3 days.