Kyrgyz media reports say representatives of the law enforcement authorities of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have agreed to organize a joint patrol of the border. 

Kyrgyzstan’s online news agency says deputy interior ministers of Kyrgyzstan (Almazbek Orozaliyev) and Tajikistan (Abdullo Navjuvanov) have met in the zone of conflict.  They reportedly agreed that the sides would start joint patrol of border for the purpose of providing security and further settlement of the conflict.  

Besides, a meeting of border representatives of the two countries has taken place, according to  

Meanwhile, Kyrgyz news agency, citing Kyrgyz border service, reported yesterday that a Kyrgyz border guard had received a gunshot wound.   

Residents of Vorukh told Asia-Plus that Tajik police officer Farrukh Toshkhoujayev had been wounded.

Residents of Vorukh say the Isfara-Vorukh road still remains blocked by Kyrgyz.

Kyrgyz media outlets, for their part, say representatives of Tajikistan’s power-wielding structures have blocked the Isfara-Osh road.  

Previously, clashes have led to officials in both countries vowing to find solutions to the problems of residents near the border.  Experts, however, note that despite agreements on things like joint patrols of the border and locally arranged joint celebrations of holidays like Norouz, the situation in the Vorukh-Ak-Sai area seems to be worsening.  Previous scuffles involved sticks and stones; the use of firearms marks an escalation, and cooling heads now will be even more difficult.