Workers from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan injured at construction site in Kronstadt district of St. Petersburg. They fell into the elevator shaft, broke ribs and damaged the spine, but went on foot in search of medical help, "" reports.

According to the publication, at half past ten in the morning of August 28, four men came to the emergency room of the St. Righteous John of Kronstadt City Hospital.

Two with fractures of the ribs, femur, spine and traumatic shock were immediately sent to intensive care, another one with an injured head and broken ribs was also left in the hospital. The condition of another turned out to be less severe. He bruised his shoulder and lower back and refused hospitalization.

Men reported that they fell into the mine, but did not go into details.

The youngest of them is 31 years old, the oldest is 38 years old. Two of them turned out to be brothers from Uzbekistan, two came from Tajikistan. In St. Petersburg, they are registered on Petrovsky Prospekt they work at a construction site.