The Committee on Emergency Situations and Civil Defense of Tajikistan informs the country's citizens that, according to the Agency for Hydrometeorology of the Republic, adverse weather events are expected in the country (with the exception of the eastern part of GBAO), in the form of heavy rains, thunderstorms, hail, lightning.

In some areas of the country, wind speeds will reach 13-18 m / s. Daytime temperature in the valleys will decrease by 6-8 degrees, said the head of the press center of CoES Umeda Yusufi.

Due to bad weather in the mountain and foothill areas of Khatlon, Sughd, RRS and western regions of GBAO, a sharp increase in water levels in rivers is forecasted.

In this regard, the Committee urges citizens to follow basic personal security measures, to refrain from hiking in the mountains, picking mushrooms and other crops growing in mountainous areas. Unstable weather will also complicate grazing and keeping livestock on pastures.

In order to prevent accidents on roads, especially when using mountain roads and passes, CoES urges drivers who have automobiles with tinted windows to limit their night traffic.

CoES asks the population to clear all the ditches located near their homes.