A massive brawl broke out between school students in Dushanbe’s Girpozem area yesterday afternoon.

Dushanbe police say 12 school children were engaged in the fight.  All of them were reportedly identified and their parents were fined.

“Following the incident, police officers undertook a number of the operative investigation activities and identified the brawl participants.  The preliminary investigation has established that students of several high schools quarreled among themselves.  No one was seriously injured in the mass brawl,” says statement released by the Dushanbe Police Directorate. 

Administrative protocols were reportedly drawn up against 12 parents in accordance with Article 90 of the Administrative Code of Tajikistan -- failure to fulfill the duties of guardianship, education and upbringing of minors, and fines in amounts ranging from three to seven calculating indicators (current calculating indicator (estimate) is equal to 64.00 somonis) were imposed on them.