QURGHON TEPPA, November 28, Asia-Plus  - Rustam Talbakov, head of the farming unit Kongurt in Temurmalik district of Khatlon, faces charge of misappropriation of state funds, according to the Khatlon police department.   

A source at the Khatlon police department told Asia-Plus that the preliminary investigation established that over the past three years, Talbakov had misappropriated 41,500 somonis (equivalent to US$12,2400) of state funds.  Local prosecutor’s office has instituted criminal proceedings against on charge of embezzlement or misappropriation.  

As it had been reported earlier, Abdulvahhob Abdulkhayev, the head of farming Jairali (former state farm Qushqiya) in Temuramalik was arrested last week for a similar crime.  According to Alfattoh Roziqov, Deputy Khatlon Prosecutor for Kulob zone, Abdulkhayev has sold all the agricultural machines and properties of the farming unit (combine harvester, tractors, fuel tanks) and 100 head of cattle and misappropriated funds made from this.