QURGHON TEPPA, June 14, Asia-Plus - Dean of faculty of philology at Qurghon Teppa University and head of chair at this faculty have been detained on suspicion of having been involved in corruption.

According to the anticorruption agency’s directorate for the Khatlon province, their officers caught Rustam Taghoymurodov, Dean of Faculty of Philology, and Professor Iskandar Sheraliyev, Head of Chair of Literature at the Faculty of Philology, red-handed, when they were taking bribes ($500) from two persons for helping them enter the Journalism Department.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against Taghoymurodov and Sheraliyev, who face charges under Article 319 of Tajikistan’s Criminal Code (bribery).  

In May alone, the anticorruption agency’s directorate for Khatlon instituted five criminal proceedings against seven persons charged with corruption.