The government of Tajikistan has confiscated in Dushanbe the building of a business center on Loiq Sherali Street, which belonged to the former Minister of Industry of the Republic, businessman and opposition leader Zayd Saidov. This was announced by the son of businessman Khayrullo Saidov on his Facebook page.

According to Khayrullo Saidov, "the seizure of house number 3 on Sherali Street took place in early January 2020," but he only spoke about this now, on May 19, on the anniversary of his father’s arrest.

The building was registered in the name of Zayd Saidov, and after his arrest was leased to “a company that fulfilled all obligations and paid taxes on time”.

Saidov tried to challenge the actions of the executive service in the Ismoili Somoni district court as contrary to the law, including the law “on enforcement proceedings”.

«The Ismoili Somoni District Court reviewed my appeal at the beginning of April and reversed the decision of the bailiffs to seize the building, but it turned out that this property was confiscated by the State Committee on Investments and State Property Management under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan along with other property of the convicted Saidov, allegedly obtained by criminal means», — said Khayrullo Saidov.