DUSHANBE , March 20, Asia-Plus -- On Saturday March 18, President Emomali Rahmonov held a traditional meeting wit representatives of the intelligentsia at the newly reconstructed building of “Kokhi Jomi” (formerly “Jomi” cinema). 

The head of state congratulated representatives of the intelligentsia, who had come from all regions of the country, on occasion of the Navruz Holiday. 

Addressing the meeting, Rahmonov noted that over the past several years Tajikistan had got a lot in development of economy, terming such important objects as the road Kulob-Darvoz, Roghun, Sangtuda and Pamir-1 power stations, Anzob tunnel and other facilities as an example of that.  

Besides, the head of state noted that preparations for marking a Year of Aryan Civilization were ongoing in the republic.

Academician Mamadsho Ilolov, President of Tajikistan’s National Academy of Sciences, handed to Emomali Rahmonov several book by Tajik researchers about the Aryan civilization that were published last year. 

Emomali Rahmonov telling the meeting also urged scientific and technological advance while safeguarding a sound moral society.  He also noted that the intelligentsia should set themselves the goal of fostering education and enlightenment and participating in preparation and publication of new textbooks, etc.  Rahmonov also pointed to the significance of knowing native language.