DUSHANBE, August 21, Asia-Plus  -- Henceforth, all members of Tajikistan’s government and parliament should know text of the national anthem by heart and perform it at all official events.  

President Rahmonov demanded this at a meeting with participation of members of the president’s executive office and government, heads of state-run enterprises and companies, banks, and senior representatives from the provinces and Dushanbe on August 18. 

The meeting was dedicated to consider issues related to a progress of preparations for celebrations to mark the 15 th anniversary of Tajikistan’s Independence, the 2700 th anniversary of Kulob, and World Forum of Tajiks and Persian-speaking Peoples.

According to presidential press service, Rahmonov telling the meeting called on each official, each person, who considers himself patriot of his country, to learn the national anthem by heart.  

The source says the meeting also discussed issues related to removing effects of the earthquake that struck the Qumsangir district and the results of President Rahmonov’s visit to Sochi.  

Deputy Prime Minister, Asadullo Ghulomov, reported on a progress of removing effects of the tremor in Qumsangir.  According to the final data, 1,031 residential buildings were destroyed completely and 1,530 other residential buildings were damaged partially by the earthquake, which killed three and left eight with injures.  20,318 people in the district incurred losses in that earthquake. 

The president ordered to reconstruct all damaged residential houses and water supply system in the tremor-affect areas by the end of September.