DUSHANBE, November 30, Asia-Plus - The second stage of the Dushanbe water will start in July next year.

Shavkat Saidov, a spokesman for the Dushanbe mayor, said that an agreement on this was reached at a meeting of Dushanbe Mayor, Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev with Cevdet Denizer, the World Bank (WB) Country Manager for Tajikistan, on November 29.  

The spokesman said the meeting had focused on the issues of financing the project aimed at rehabilitation of the water supply system in Dushanbe.  In the course of the talks Denizer noted that taking into consideration the first stage of the project, the Bank administration and donor countries had decided to support its second stage as well, according to Saidov.   The World Bank has provided US$5 million to attract grants from donor countries.  

“According to Denizer, the World Bank has decided that after negotiations with the Government of Japan US$10 million in a form of a long-term loan and US$20 million in a form of grants will be provided,” Saidov said.  “The WB country manager said that the second stage of the project will be implemented without participation of the institution of operator but with participation of international advisers and local specialists,” the spokesman said.  

The Dushanbe water supply project is aimed at improving the safety, reliability, efficiency and financial viability of the water supply services in the capital city.  This is being achieved through strategic rehabilitation and efficiency improvement of existing facilities, institutional strengthening of the utility of Dushanbe municipal water works and strengthening of the waterworks’ financial capacity through improved financial management and commercial practices.