QURGHON TEPPA, December 5, Asia-Plus -- Acting Khatlon governor Ghaybullo Afzalov presided over a meeting of local authorities in Qurghon Teppa on December 4.  The meeting was held to discuss the region’s economic results in 2006 and the results of this year’s cotton harvesting campaign in the province.  

Afzalov stated at the meeting that futures companies will not get cotton until they repay their debts to cotton farmers.  

On the tax collection situation, the governor said that though tax target over the past eleven months had been over-fulfilled by 3 percent, 12 districts had failed to fulfill their targets on collection of taxes.  It was noted that one of the main reasons for such situation is delays in financing by futures companies of farming units.  

The governor also pointed to the importance of timely carrying out of agro-technical works.  Afzalov also ordered relevant regional officials to take adequate measures to ensure the regular provision of the population with electricity. 

During the meeting it was noted that the session of the Khatlon regional legislature (Majlis) will be held on December 23.