By president’s decrees 153 persons have been appointed to senior positions in the country’s judiciary system, according to the Tajik president’s official website.  

On Friday February 7, President Emomali held a meeting with newly appointed heads of courts, deputy heads of court and judges.  

Of 153 persons appointed to the senior positions in the judiciary system, 58 are just graduated from universities.

They were reportedly competitively selected to be appointed as judges after taking a one-year training course at the Supreme Court. 

During a meeting with new personnel, the head of state paid a special attention to the issues related to providing supremacy of law, combating corruption and fairly considering criminal proceedings.

Rahmon called on young personnel to study seriously regulatory documents and improve their theoretical knowledge during judicial proceedings. 

The president, in particular, noted that involvement of judges in corrupt crimes evoked serious concern.  

The head of state also noted that leaderships of the Supreme Court and High Economic Court must take additional measures to ensure correct selection of staff and clear judicial bodies from random people, the Tajik president’s press service said.