President Emomali Rahmon yesterday attended theatrical show that took place at the central stadium of Khujand, the capital of Sughd province. 

In a statement delivered at the event, Emomali Rahmon expressed gratitude to all residences of the province, including entrepreneurs, for their creative initiatives and significant contribution to the development of the province, the Tajik president’s official website says.  

Over 30 years of independence, the government has reportedly channeled more than 48 billion somonis to Sughd province.  

The head of state noted that 56 more than 10 billion-somoni national investment projects have been implemented in Sughd over the years of independence and 17 other projects were currently being implemented in the area.  To-date, 2.3 billion somonis has been utilized within the framework of these 17 projects, 

Over the past fifteen years, 24 billion somonis of foreign investments, including more than 15 billion of foreign direct investments, have been attracted in Sughd’s economy, Rahmon said.

Besides, 192 projects in a total amount of 7.8 billion somonis were reportedly implemented in Sughd within the framework of the provincial socio-economic development program designed for 2016-2020.

Rahmon noted that 243 projects in a total amount of 11 billion somonis are expected to be implemented in Sughd during 2021-2025.  

According to him, production volume in Sughd has increased 41 times over the past twenty years (2000-2020), reaching 22 billion somonis.  

Sughd poverty rate declined from 73 percent in 1999 to q15.4 percent in 2020, the head of state stressed. 

He further added that the volume of production of industrial goods in Sughd increased 1.5 billion somonis in 1995 to 15.6 billion somonis in 2020 and its share in the country’s manufacturing of food products has reached 51 percent.