By president’s decree issued on January 1, 2024 three republican contests, namely “Furughi Subhi Donoi Kitob Ast” (Knowledge Is a Shine of Dawn), “Tojikiston -- Vatani Azizi Man” (Tajikistan Is My Native Land), and “Ilm – Furughi Marifat” (Science Is the Beacon of Knowledge), will be held in Tajikistan this year. 

The Tajik president’s official website says relevant government bodies are ordered to hold these contests at a high organizational level in all regions of the country.

The Ministry of Finance is ordered to allocate 3.785 million somonis to carry out the “Tojikiston -- Vatani Azizi Man” contest, 4.570 million somonis to carry out the “Furughi Subhi Donoi Kitob Ast” contest, and 4.085 million somonis to carry out the “Ilm – Furughi Marifat” contest.

In all, almost 12.5 million somonis will be provided for the holding of these contests from the Reserve Fund of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan.