DUSHANBE, April 21, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- The second of two five-day training courses in teaching skills and training delivery for lecturers and instructors of border management training institutions finished in Dushanbe on April 20.

According to the OSCE Office in Tajikistan, the two consecutive courses were designed to develop the skills of teachers of border management training institutions by improving their knowledge of modern teaching and learning methods.

Training participants reportedly included representatives from the Border Troops Academy, the Academy of the Interior Ministry, the Customs Institute for Advanced Training and the State Security Academy.  Several operational border officers who have previously completed OSCE-run courses as part of a project on patrol programming and leadership also took part, giving the project a “train-the trainer” element.

These training courses are dedicated to help teachers of Tajik border and law enforcement training institutions to improve their teaching skills, while at the same time contribute to better inter-agency co-operation by bringing together instructors from different institutions.  

The courses are part of a larger OSCE project on developing the training system and capacity of Tajikistan’s border management training institutions.  The project is also in line with the National Border Strategy’s goals on border guard training.