A national browser – Dodaho – has been launched in Tajikistan.  This bowser is analog of Google and Yandex, and more than 40,000 somonis have reportedly been spent for launching it.   

The author of this browser, Faizullojon Safarov, a teacher at the branch of MISiS (The Moscow-based National University of Science and Technology) in Dushanbe, told Asia-Plus that the main difference of Dodaho from other browsers is that it does not collect users’ data.

“Chrome, Opera, Yandex have their own policy, we have our own,” said Safarov.  “We plan to launch our email in the future and then it will be possible to register an account.”

The Dodaho browser has operated since early June. The browser language is Tajik by default.  Dodaho has its own search engine and is to use.

“It is just an initial version and it will be updated.  At this stage, the version has a high data transfer rate, minimal internet traffic consumption and user-friendly interface in three languages,” Safarov noted.   

The browser creators believe in the success of the project and are confident that their product will find its users in the market.