Unstable weather is expected to last in Tajikistan for the next two days.   The temperature will sharply drop and torrential rain and hails some regions in the country, the Hydrometeorological Center (Hydromet) says. 

Today, nighttime temperatures in Dushanbe reportedly fluctuated from +16ºC to +18ºC and daytime temperatures are expected to be from +31ºC to +33 ºC.  Intermittent rain with thunder is expected to hit the city today. 

Tomorrow, temperatures in Tajikistan are expected to fall by +8ºC -- + 10ºC.  

Hydromet says mudflows and floods are expected in some regions of the country from June 20-22.     

The Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan advises drivers to be careful when driving in mountain areas.