More than 20 Tajik students turned to the Tajik diplomatic mission in Kyrgyzstan with a request to help them return and continue their studies in Tajikistan. They say that now they have been transferred to online learning and they can study from Tajikistan.

The Embassy of Tajikistan in Kyrgyzstan confirmed this news and said that they were preparing lists of those students who want to returnAt the same time, they noted that other people who wish can also apply to the diplomatic mission on the issue of returning home.

Last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan expressed concern about the increase in cases of harassment and discrimination against citizens of Tajikistan and Tajiks living in Kyrgyzstan in various cities of Kyrgyzstan. Ведомство сообщило, что власти Кыргызстана хотят депортировать более 500 студентов из Таджикистана, обучающихся в вузах Ошской области.

After the border conflict between the two countries on September 14-18, higher educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan transferred Tajik students to online education and asked them not to walk the streets and public places.

The Embassy of Tajikistan in Kyrgyzstan said that everyone who wants to return to their homeland can contact the diplomatic mission by calling (+996 312) 51 16 37; 51 25 87, +996702105544 (WhatsApp, Telegram)