The Communications Service under the Government of Tajikistan plans to improve Internet speed and cut its cost, Ilhom Atoyev, deputy head of the Communications Service, told reporters in Dushanbe on January 30.  

According to him, the communications service agency intends to deal with this issue on the basis of the instruction of the head of state to develop the communications sector, make high-speed Internet available in all regions of the country, lower Internet service prices and attract investment in this sector.  

It is to be noted that president Emomali Rahmon had earlier expressed dissatisfaction with low quality and speed of Internet in the country. 

In his address to a joint meeting of both chamber of parliament, Rahmon noted on December 23 that the development of the communication industry, in particular, the high speed and affordable price of Internet, is important in advancing the digital economy, artificial intellect, information security, mobilizing investment and creating innovative technological parks.

“Currently, there are 4.5 million Internet subscribers in the country, which corresponds to 45 subscribers per 100 residents.  However, I emphasize that the speed and cost of the Internet are still not satisfactory,” said the president.  “In this manner, the Communications Service is mandated to take the necessary measures together with mobile communications operators to improve the quality and reduce the cost of mobile and Internet services, and make high-speed Internet available in all regions of the country, including remote areas.”

Subsequently, with a view to creating a modern legal framework to address the abovementioned issues, the relevant agencies are mandated to develop and submit to the Government the revised law on electrical communications, based on the progress and developments in this field on a global scale, the head of state added.  

Communications Service deputy head, Ilhom Atoyev, noted today that a standing commission comprising relevant experts and engineers has been set up.

“The Communications Service jointly with mobile communications companies worked out a specific development plan.  The Communications Service specialists are currently engaged in studying the issue of Internet coverage of the regions,” Atoyev said.  

According to him, the communications service agency head Beg Zuhur is currently on a business trip in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) to determine the quality of the Internet there

Atoyev also promised that Internet prices will be lowered in the near future “through the development of alternative routes.”   “Economists are currently studying this issue,” the communications service agency deputy head added. 

Meanwhile, incomes of private mobile communications operators last year amounted to 2.9 billion somonis (equivalent to 282 million U.S. dollars), which is 17 million U.S. dollars more than in 2021.  

There are 4.5 million Internet subscribers in Tajikistan.