The Tajik Embassy in Ankara says one Tajik national injured and four others have their houses damaged by a devastating quake in Turkiye.  

As a result of the quake, a Tajik women living in Gaziantep reportedly sustained a head injury and was evacuated to Ankara.

“She is now feeling well and is staying with relatives of her husband, who is national of Turkiye,” said a representative of the Tajik Embassy in Ankara.  “Our employees visited her and gave her assistance on behalf of the Embassy."  

Besides, houses of four Tajik nationals living in the city of Malatya have reportedly been damaged by the powerful earthquake.  

“Together with nationals of Turkiye they have been moved to a tent camp,” the Tajik Embassy representative said.     

He further noted that some Tajik nationals living in Malatya had expressed a desire to return to Tajikistan.

“However, due to the lack of passports, this is not yet possible.  Therefore, they are currently engaged in drawing up documents.  After that, we will facilitate their return to Tajikistan,” the Tajik Embassy representative added.  

Citing competent agencies of Turkiye, the Tajik Embassy in Ankara has stated that there are no citizens of Tajikistan among the dead. 

According to data from the Tajik Embassy, about 10,000-15,000 Tajik nationals live and work in Turkiye.