On Tuesday May 30, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) celebrated a unique collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Tajikistan (MoINT), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), local authorities, Tajik private sector and the Refugees, Children and Vulnerable Citizens (RCVC).

An official opening ceremony of the sewing workshop in Vahdat Township took place yesterday.  The workshop was reportedly established in cooperation between UNHCR, a MoINT, UNIIDO and private sector company Nohid. 

According to UNHCR Office in Tajikistan, the event showcased the success of UNHCR's programs and projects, which have broadened support for refugees and the communities hosting them.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Mulugeta Zewdie, UNHCR Representative, said, “First and foremost, let us take this occasion to thank the Government of Tajikistan for hosting refugee communities and providing support to them in accessing employment opportunities.  Through this collaboration, both host communities and refugees benefit and contribute to the local economy.”

In similar collaborations, UNHCR has been able to implement projects that benefit both the local population and refugees. Refugees bring with them traditions, entrepreneurial spirit, skills, knowledge, and craftsmanship, and only need a chance to grow and flourish.

“As part of the cooperation with UNHCR, employment opportunities for representatives of vulnerable social groups, such as Afghan refugees, were generated.  Earning income is crucial for refugees as it helps to rebuild their lives, regain their dignity and re-establish their independence while they are uprooted from their homelands,” said Ms. Sarvinoz Junaidova, UNIDO national technical coordinator.

UNHCR has been present in Tajikistan for 30 years, working closely with the government to protect and assist refugees.  Through collaboration with a wide range of government, development partners, UN sister agencies, and private sector, UNHCR has been able to ensure meaningful, effective, and quality support to the Government of Tajikistan.