In the maternity ward of the Istiklol Hospital, on January 25, quadruplets were born. This is the second case of quadruplet birth in Tajikistan in January. The Istiklol Hospital confirmed the birth of quadruplets but refused to provide additional information.

However, messages appeared on Facebook stating that three girls and one boy were born. It is also noted that they were delivered through surgical intervention, and their weights range from 1,800 grams to 2,200 grams.

It's worth mentioning that on January 14, quadruplets were born to 27-year-old Midjgona Asoeva, a resident of the village of Kyzylkala in the Khuroson district of the Khatlon region. Two boys and two girls were born. Doctors at the Buri Vokhidov Hospital in the city of Bokhtar continue to fight for the lives of the children, and their condition is currently assessed as stable but serious.