Stanley McChrystal won Senate confirmation on Wednesday as an Army general and U.S. commander in Afghanistan after a plea for Republicans to end procedural delays and let him start overseeing the war.

The Senate approved President Barack Obama''s nomination of McChrystal on a voice vote after Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid complained the former Green Beret was among 20 nominees who had been stalled by Republicans, one dating back to mid-March.

Senate Republicans have been in a number of disputes with Democrats and have frequently refused to provide the unanimous consent needed to move quickly on legislation and nominees.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Reid said he had received a telephone call from Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, asking for prompt action on McChrystal, who was approved by a Senate committee last week.

Reid quoted Mullen as saying: "Senator, there is a sense of urgency that General McChrystal be able to go to Afghanistan tonight. There is no commander in Afghanistan. ... McChrystal is literally waiting by an airplane."