Russia has not dismissed any drafts of a future UN Security Council resolution on North Korea, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s information department said on Wednesday.

The statement follows media reports the Russian delegation in the UN Security Council has allegedly dismissed the latest draft resolution on the DPRK.

“This has nothing to do with the reality,” the Foreign Ministry said. “The Russian delegation has not rejected any drafts.”

“We continue to take the most active part in the work on a compromise document,” the diplomatic sources said. “We expect it will be finalized in the near future.”

An Itar-Tass correspondent reports from Seoul the South Korean news agency Yonghap on Wednesday quoted an informed diplomatic source as saying Russia had reportedly rejected the latest version of a draft U.N. Security Council resolution to punish North Korea''s recent nuclear test, taking issue with wording on Pyongyang''s missile program.

According to the report Russia refused to endorse the revised draft, which demands that North Korea "not conduct any launch using ballistic missile technology."

"Russia insists that the wording in Resolution 1718 is sufficient," the source said.