Tajikistan's statements about the current situation in Afghanistan are not interference in the country's internal affairs, said in his video message an Afghan politician, head of the National Congress of Afghanistan Party Latifi Pidrom.

«As the head of the party, I declare that the statements of the leadership of Tajikistan are made in the framework of international values and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Emomali Rahmon speaks out for inclusive government in Afghanistan and people's choice. This is a good and correct wish, this is a statement for democracy. And there is no interference», - emphasized Pidrom in a video message.

According to him, what the Taliban say about the responsibility for the position of Tajikistan is a threat not only to Tajikistan, but concerns all the CSTO countries and the countries of Central Asia.

The politician also announced Pakistani intervention, recalling the visit of the head of Pakistani intelligence to Kabul and noting that "Pakistani officials travel around the world to gain recognition of the Taliban".