Leader of the Uzbek Diaspora in Russia’s Perm oblast, Jakhangir Jalolov, has proposed to form a battalion Uzbeks living Perm for participation in the war with Ukraine.   The Vetta channele published a video with his performance. 

“Our children attend kindergartens and study in schools and universities.  We live and work in Russia.  We must justify the bread we eat.  I propose to form a volunteer battalion and сall it by the great name of Amir Temur [Tamerlan],” Jalolov stated.  

He called on those present to support him and join the battalion.  

Meanwhile, Uzbekistan’s Agency for External Labor Migration asks Uzbek nationals not to follow such calls. 

Kommersant had previously written that more than 40 “nominal” volunteer subunits for participation in the war with Ukraine had been formed in Russian regions.  

Recruitment of volunteers to be sent to war has taken already several months;  local authorities and veteran organizations call on people to join the volunteer subunits, according to Kommersant.  

Formally, volunteers sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense for the period of several months  and receive the official status of military contractors.  Payments vary from region to region – from 130,000 to 300,000 rubles per month.  

Hidden mobilization in the form of an invitation to the so-called volunteer battalions has reportedly taken place in dozens of Russian regions.